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Welcome to Semantics! 
I'm currently satisfied with how I have this done so I shall now say I'm finished!
Reforming as of July 2, 2012!

I'm expecting new recruits to be checking this out to see what we're all about. We're a guild that recruits all, regardless of class, level, skill level, or even intelligence. The one thing I'm looking in my members is active, friendly, and will not disgrace the name, "Semantics". If you're interested in joining we love new members. But running around doing douche-bag things isn't supported, tolerated, and frowned upon by everybody. 

In guild chat you will recognize a weird fluctuation of chat. It will be quiet one day, or spam-tastic the the next. The guild is primarily youngsters, so don't expect to have very philosophical conversations. 

In the guild, we do not have designated nest runs, or organised PvP. That is something that we can look forward to in the future. But right now, we're in the early steps of a guild. 

~~~~We'd love to have you!

So! First off let me say this damn thing took me QUITE some time to finish, so lets see how long we can go with using it. Normally when I set up things like this, it's like, 'Hey cool! We have a website!' and dies off there. So do your part for the guild and try to keep this website running! If you read the New Recruits thing up there you're sure to have seen that I want you to represent our guild well. I don't mean go to radical extents giving everybody free money or something, but be kind, fair, and profession. Don't bitch to random people over stupid things. We want to build a good reputation. 

Of course I DO expect you to be active. A log in about once a week and give peeps a shout out is enough. Though playing and whatnot is encouraged 

I, as a guild master, will try my best to help everybody out. Just keep in mind, I'm not willing to dedicate my life to helping you with a quest for the place I hate most, but I will help you if I'm free and online. There are many places I hate with a passion, and every time you guys drag me to that accursed place, I die a little inside. That aside, I do love helping you guys level. 

You few people are the people I trust most in the guild. I trust you guys to lead the members when I'm not around, and at times, even when I am around. You guys need to uphold the title officer and help the members out, because I'm not gunna be stuck as the only one doing it! When the time comes, I'll also need your help planning events such as nest runs and PvP. 

I also hope you guys are helping me with recruitment. I sit in Carderock Pass with that damn message up about half my day! After spending about 40 minutes on this thing... I'm done for now! PEACE OFFICERS AND PEOPLE WHO AREN'T OFFICERS!

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Guild Website created!

Myawh, Dec 28, 11 10:40 PM.
Guild website is created! Now to see if people will use it O.o
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